Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Juvenile Herring

Tied on the size 2 jig hook, inspired by Rich Murphy's designs.




Very cool! I really love the articulated design! There is once I almost give up those bucktail flies... because of their rigid action... not as good as marabou or zonker...(retrieve slow). But it seems the "joint" solved the problem.
: )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Hey Mark,

The extended EZ braid body solves some hook fouling issues, but adds an extra flytying step. I will try a version with craft fur instead of marabou/bucktail. That should be even more durable and provide a nice motion under water.


Thanks Vlad.

Great to know... guess what... the little long tube minnow (craft fur?)you just sent me. She made a kill! First cast and hook up! and the freak train just ran all the way down stream... no way to stop her... lost..@@ I will start to tie some of those patterns... great pattern Vlad.

Marcus said...

Beautiful as always Vlad.

I am fishing the Chessapeake for stripers later this spring, and I think I will tie something like this for the trip...

flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks guys!

Mark, I am so happy to hear you had a hit on the craft fur tube minnow. I suspect it looks like gizzard shad, with the wide profile... The more time you put into it, the big one will come, that's for sure.


Glad you liked it. It should work for Chesapeake linesides. I won't be able to test it on stripers until late June.



Oh... Vlad...

It's really awesome! The opti reel almost give up...snapped the 14 lb leader...(the reel make some weird sound..:( ) Did I mentioned FIRST CAST~
I am all over it... will tie some up soon.. good day! : )