Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flats, Shearwaters and Moonstruck Shrimp


Keith H said...

Love the photos Vlad. I always enjoy seeing interesting birds while I'm fishing. I saw gannets dive bombing into really shallow water at Parson's Beach in Main last summer. Later I found a dead one washed up on the beach. I think it broke it's neck!
Also, are you having any luck blind casting small shrimp patterns in the harbor? I'm new to fishing the harbor and people have told me it's a waste of time blind casting small shrimp and crab flies. Of course I can't seem to catch anything on cloister and receivers either!
Great blog by the way. I found it a few months ago and I check it every day.
- Keith

Keith H said...

I meant clousers and deceivers. Stupid auto correct!

flyfishingunlimited said...

Hi Keith,

You are correct about blind casting shrimp and crab flies. Those patterns are great for sight casting. And yes, you can sight cast around Boston...think sandy beaches around the city! It is a different game, though. The windows are small, the bottom is often darker, but it is possible and very rewarding. With the current state of striped bass population, there are just less fish around, so we all have to deal with slower days.

Keep on exploring and thanks for stopping by! Maybe I'll see you on the water...



Sweeeeet!! It's pretty amazing those pelagic birds visit Boston and so close to people!! just lovely!

flyfishingunlimited said...

Hi Mark,

They are following herring schools. One day I counted 20 shearwaters on the beach...pretty amazing sight.