Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Lens

 For the past week I've been thoroughly enjoying my new lens. Thanks, Dave!


Ben said...

That new lense is obviously working, beautiful pictures!

flyfishingunlimited said...

Thank you, Ben...Glad you like them!

Jeremy said...

Yup...what Ben said. You've been playing again Vlad. Nice flies man. I love to see your ties!

Pretty soon it's gonna warm up a bit and maybe some bugs will show topside. Can't wait to make a couple new rods "mine"...

I'm sinking further and further into this cane disease! :))


flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks Jeremy... :-) We just got some snow a couple of days ago but it didn't last. The sea water temps are well beyond average for late March, so I am hoping for some striper action in April. I am about to start working on an interesting rod, a cane/fiberglass hybrid with glass ferrules, based on a Powell taper. Should make a nice shorter dry fly rod. Will keep you posted!

Jeremy said...

"Will keep you posted!"...Please do Vlad.

Sounds like you have been doing some research. I'll look forward to seeing you accomplish this as it's not something you hear about often.

I'm guessing you'd have the bamboo portion of it made by someone else. I'm thinking of the tooling needed. Combining the two materials sounds pretty interesting though.

If anyone could make a decent stick out of it, you would. Good luck. And those flies of yours bring many smiles to my face man!! I try...and try!