Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jasper-body Flymph

I have been playing lately with some twisted antron fibers as a body material. I wanted to create an effect similar to the silk jasper rod-winding thread. Instead of the Pearsall's or Gudebrod silk, I used twisted antron fibers to create my own jasper thread. For the March Brown Flymph (pictured above), I used three flo-orange fibers, three rust and three dark mahagony brown fibers to create a nine-ply antron thread. Add some fox squirrel thorax, speckled hen hackle and tail, and copper wire rib to complete the fly.

The color combinations are endless. With the regular jasper thread (silk or poly) you have only two mixed colors, while this method allows you to mix colors indefinitely. For instance, the combination of olive, pale yellow and grey twisted fibers works great for the BWO body. You can vary the number of individual fibers to get the desired hue or thickness.

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