Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Wave Squid

We are getting more snow in Minnesota, and it is hard to think about spring time fishing. I haven't started working on my new rods yet... For today's post I chose a picture of my most recent squid imitation.

All marine predatory gamefish love squid. I have been working on the 60 degree jig hook version, which incorporates both synthetic and natural materials. It is easy to cast, and has interesting action in the water. Hopefully I will be able to test it this summer in New England.

New Wave Squid recipe:

Hook: 4/0 Gamakatsu Wide Gap 60 degree Jig
Body extension: Pearl E-Z Body Braid or Corsair tubing
Tentacles: Tan ostrich and pearly "salt and pepper" sili legs
Eyes: Large silver Spirit River Deep Sea aluminum eyes with epoxy 3-D Stick-ons
Body: Pearl estaz
Veil: White and tan slinky fiber, mixed with bronze and pink flash

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