Thursday, March 27, 2008

Umbrella Hackle Yellow Drake

Umbrella Hackle Yellow Drake

Hook: 10-12 dry fly
Body: yellow and black Superhair strands over pale olive silk
Tail: microfibetts
Dry hackle: ginger saddle clipped on the bottom, four turns
Soft hackle: pale yellow mallard over olive moorhen feather, single turn, reversed/umbrella style



Hi Vlad,

Great tie!! As usual! I have tons of superhair for saltwater streamer... never think about tie them on the body... I bet they are "teeth proof"! Do you fish them on the film? I am really into those wet flies... will tie some! Thanks for posting!


flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks Mark!

Actually this is a surface fly, it floats in the surface, like a freshly emerging dun. Many of flies from my blog which feature both rooster dry hackle and wet soft hackle are of the same type. They are basically "soft-hackled dry flies". The dry hackle is there just to give the support for floating. I always clip it on the bottom, so the fly rides low like a comparadun. The front long moving hackle is to give more life to the fly.

The benefit of this type of construction is that on flat moving spring creeks flies tied with full genetic hackle don't compress well when trout slooooowly take them. These flies fold down very easy, for more positive hook-up.

Also, each of these flies can serve as a wet fly if you take scissors and cut the dry hackle on the stream. Sort of a "dual-purpose" fly.

You are right-the reason for superhair is the resilience, it is tough!

BG said...

I keep looking at this fly. I enjoy your clean style of life like bugs. I feel its an overlooked, unique way to approach things.

Great blog!

Take care,

flyfishingunlimited said...

Thank you Bryan...

Just tied a bunch for Dark Hendrickson hatch which is already starting. I need to get on the water soon.

Take care,