Friday, May 09, 2008

The River of Many Moods

Anticipating some caddis action, I went to my favorite WI stream on Monday. Beyond my expectations, I was treated with the magnificent caddis hatch-sort of a repetition of my last week's outing... Caddisflies were abundant along the rocky stretch near the bridge, and I was sharing it with only one angler. I did explore further upstream and got some fish on nymphs, but returned to the first location. Fishing dries and emergers over rising trout is really hard to pass by. Fish were slurping caddis in rocky eddies, behind boulders, and often tight to the bank stones. The trick was to throw a slack line cast and hope that the fish would grab the fly before the current would drag it away. It was a dry fly fisherman's paradise-trout wouldn't even look at my soft hackles which worked so well the previous week in SE MN.

My friend Jeremy (casting on the picture) and I hit the same stream yesterday, hoping for the repeated action. The day was a carbon copy of the previous one-everything looked so right for the new explosion of caddis acitivity. We both fished 4weights (top photo.) Jeremy used his beautiful Norling hollow-built cane rod, while I fished the glass rod I completed last Fall on McFarland's Dry Fly taper blank. The familiar rocky stretch was teaming with anglers upon our arrival, and we decided to fish Jeremy's favorite location upstream instead.

The water had magical feel to it and pastel green banks were full of life...spring flowers, red-winged blackbirds, grey heron and the restless osprey-everything but the black caddis! While we got some fish, both browns and brookies, caddis were completely absent.

We found some BWO's and midge activity, threw everything from streamers to soft hackles, and had a wonderful time talking and making each cast count. On our way back, Jeremy explored the midge hatch with tiny flies and took the photo of emerging pale green midge (botom left). We walked toward out cars, while the moody trout were still rising along the silvery glide.


Jeremy said...

It was good to finally meet you and I admired the way you handled that fiberglass rod.

Thank you for a fine day out on the river. I learned a good deal from you watching you fish. Always a plus!!

It's always interesting to learn of different interests and I can see why you like those rods as much as you do.

And thanks for being patient enough to find a decent looking presentation cast of mine ...*G*

Next time...we need more fish! We tried.


flyfishingunlimited said...


The pleasure was mine, indeed! Thanks for showing me that incredibly fine piece of water and for being such a great guide and company.

I agree, next time maybe we can try my "secret little stream" with our lightest rods?

Thanks again,

Cameron said... have some waters that I can tell are easy to get poetic about. Wonderful photos and looks like you've made a new angling friend.

yuhina and I need to make a road trip up sometime.

flyfishingunlimited said...


Your midge fly box would've held an answer to the puzzling midge hatch, I am sure...

You and Mark would be always welcome...and keep in mind that Fall fishing in Iowa can be excellent, since they have a year round trout season (WI & MN trout season ends by the end of September.)



INDEED! WE NEED TO FISH THERE! Wonderful report! Vlad,
I really enjoy it! Especially I am on a road trip actually, internet is a amazing tool : )

The creek just Beautiful! Needless to say the brownies with gorgeous coloration! The Jeremy casting photo make me feel I am fishing there..."fall into the scene" : ) great work!! Thanks for posting!


flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks Mark,

I know you'd love this is also an excellent location for bird watching.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!