Sunday, June 01, 2008

Firetiger Sea Habit Bucktail

Sea Habit (or is it a Pike Habit ;-)) Bucktail, dressed in the Firetiger color scheme... I hope it will work well for pike!


Jeremy said...


That is a very fine fly! Very nice looking indeed.

Believe me, it's "waaay" too nice for an eating machine like a pike. But as we talked about before, there's something very satisfying and rewarding in fishing a nicely tied fly, isn't there.

A very good tie! (Don't look in my box too closely.)

High, clear blue skies this weekend meant the fish were very shy and perhaps deep on a middle MN. prairie lake. I resorted to having some fun taking a few smaller ones on a ... 5wt IMX. *grins* What a fight!

It wasn't a good weekend for fishing but I did the best I could.


flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks Jeremy, I was inspired and just had to tie one fly thinking about pike...

I went yesterday (on Sunday) to our favorite trout river... I never go on weekends, but it was such a nice day, that I didn't care. Well, the river was packed, and the river bed was full of footprints.

For the entire afternoon I saw maybe 5-6 rises. No hatch, even though sulphurs should be coming out soon. Fished nymphs exclusively, and managed one nice fish from a fast flowing hole everyone was passing by on a Czech nymph. Fish were spooked big time, and I didn't see too many-just too many people, but it was just nice to be out.

Glad you had a nice action on IMX-love those rods...they are graphite classics!



Beautiful fly! Vlad! Great coloration and nice tie!!

I would frame them on the wall! : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Thank you Mark-when I see you, you'll get one like this, framed. But I would rather see you pull out a nice tuna on one (hmmm, let me see, a nice herring or sardina pattern would work, depending on location, blue/lavender/white, or olive/chart/white) :-)