Saturday, March 07, 2009

Photo vs. Scan

It is hard to capture the subtle color and flash blends on baitfish imitations, due to the highly refractive nature of certain fly-tying materials. Often the fly will appear different, depending on the angle it is viewed from.

Even though I don't have/use a dedicated photo studio for taking pictures of my flies, here is the same fly captured with the camera (upper image) and with the scanner (lower image).



Great idea! Vlad.
I think the scanner get more depth and sparkles! I love it!
I will have to try my scanner too! Thanks for the tip! : )

flyfishingunlimited said...


I agree! I used to scan my SW flies before I got the digital camera, but still like the look of a scanned fly.


I remember when I was studying forestry and trees in college, I used scanner to scan the leaves. A great and quick way to preserve some colors and shape. I think I am going to try this again soon!