Sunday, December 27, 2009


Silent Night (top), Exacto Clupeid (mid), Ghostly Jigminnow (bottom)



sweet sweet! Vlad,

those flies make me feel I need to buy more bucktails! i have fish several of your bucktail flies, and really love the action. any secret for selecting fur for this kind of flies... my tie is not always swing well... I love the color combination of the first one too, Mark

flyfishingunlimited said...

I love bucktail...I usually try to get plenty of white since it gets used alot for bellies of flies. Cabela's has those nice grab bags with different colors, they come handy if you need a full set of colors.

The best is if you can hand select's impossible if you buy online. I like long hair with little crinkle in it. I've been happy with Rumpf Northern Deer tails-they have longer than average hair and a very nice quality.

Thanks and talk soon,


Thanks Vlad,

I agree, those are the material that are very risky to purchase them online, got to check out the quality in person, or buy them from reliable store...