Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Little Shrimps and Sand Fleas

Surf perch flies: Shrimpalicious (top) and the sand flea (mole crab) imitation...


snydersnyder04 said...

Those are cool!!
Could you post the tying directions?

flyfishingunlimited said...

Shrimpalicious (top fly)

Hook: Gamakatsu BS10, size 6
Dubbing: red, orange, pink synthetic mix
Legs/feelers: red flourofibre
Back: pink scudback
Segments: red larva lace
Eyes: dark nickel beadchain (small)

Shrimpalicious is tied the same way like you would tie a freshwater shrimp/scud. Tie the eyes, rib, back and feelers, dub the body, pull the scudback over, rib and tie off, leaving the scudback a bit longer over the hook eye to form the tail (telzon) of the shrimp. Use the needle to pick out the dubbing.

Sand Flea

Hook: Gamakatsu BS10 size 6, weighted
Body: estaz orange (roe sack) and white/pearl
Shellback: grey craft fur, saturated and shaped with Hard as Hull cement
Legs: white/pearl sili legs
Feelers: rainbow crystal flash

Feelers and weight go first on the shank. Tie the shellback in the hook eye/reverse direction, wind different colours of estaz (orange 1/3 of the body and white for the remaining 2/3), while adding some sili-legs in between. Tie off. Pull the shellback over the estaz body, tie off. Wet the shellback with the cement, pressing to form a tight fitting “helmet.” Trim the sili-legs and you are done!

Thanks and hope this helps,


snydersnyder04 said...

Thank you very much!!!
I will try a few tomorrow!!