Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oliver Kite

A rare footage of Oliver Kite from his TV series Kite's Country is available on Youtube... It is fascinating to watch this legendary master fisherman and naturalist uncover the hidden world of chalkstreams through beautiful narratives, while taking trout on Mibro glass rod with his Bare Hook nymphs (and refusing to wear the polarizer glasses, considering them an unfair advantage!) Kite was a true gentleman and a true pioneer!



Hey Vlad,

Really wonderful videos! I can tell he truly enjoy every bit of the wilderness... very admirable style! : )

flyfishingunlimited said...


I agree... he had a great style and such a descriptive way of telling the story. I sometimes feel that many contemporary TV shows fall short in this department.

kolobflyfishing said...

I had not heard of Sir Oliver before your post. These are some great videos and can't wait to watch more of his videos. Truly a great find. Keep up the great posts.

flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks, glad you liked them!