Monday, February 01, 2010

Big Baitfish

These large baitfish imitations are tied using the big fly fiber for the tail, craft fur/polarfibre for the head, and shredded mylar (such as angel hair, wings 'n' flash, etc.) for the veiling. I used Hard as Hull head cement to bond the flash material to the polarfibre, which gave the fly its final shape.

Tying sequence (given for the middle fly, since that one has a magnum bass rattle inside, which adds extra step):

-tie the heavy duty rattle on the bottom of the shank , so the hook rides correctly;

-tie the big fly fiber over and around the rattle, along with some polarflash for the flashtail. Fold the material over so it doesn't pull. If you don't want the rattle, add the twiston strip to keel the hook before tying. Omit this if you are using regular hook;

-reverse tie (hollow style) four clumps of polarfibre for the head: three white for belly/sides and one for the back in contrasting color. You can also use craft fur, or both. Polarfibre will give you smoother texture of the finished fly, though. For bunker fly (top), add another bunch od polarfibre to create wider profile. Comb the fur before folding;

-add a bunch of shredded mylar to veil the fly, fold and tied down. You can vary the colors, or add red under to simulate the bleeding gills. Comb the mylar to create a shroud around the fly;

-coat the fly liberaly with acrylic cement (I used Hard as Hull.) It dries quickly and it is easy to shape the fly to give it more round or oval cross profile. The cement will bond mylar fibers to the fur. Adjust the shape (leave it round or squeeze for flatter profile). Goop the eyes and you are done!


kolobflyfishing said...

Glad you update much more frequently. I remember it was stuck on Solo for some time if I remember right:) I love the step by steps, but man I could only imagine how many hits you would get on youtube if you showed how to tie these awesome patterns... What would you suggest I get for starting out to tie baitfish? I have a few colors of supreme hair, and lots of crystal flash, but I don't see you using any of those products. Fresh patterns.

flyfishingunlimited said...

I appreciate your comments and probably in the near future will start doing something like that.

Speaking about supreme hair,you could easily do surf candies, spread flies, ALFs, clousers...

Dan Blanton's site has instructions for tying ALF. For surf candies you'll need some epoxy. You might try to google those flies. Check for some video tutorials. I have pictures of some super hair flies (mostly various ALF/FPF flies) on my old website, but the text is written in Serbian, so it won't help...

You should also look into adding some natural materials. Bucktail is a staple, and for starters, buy white and some in various colors(Cabela's sells a grab bag of bucktail for little $$). Hackle too-for deceivers you'll want some strung hackle. It will also work for smaller flatwings.

After that you can slowly add various synthetics.


fabulous!! Vlad,

Those are killers! : )
I will be back to the game soon! Hopefully... : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks, brother! You are always in the game ;-)!