Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Mlava" 7'6" 5wt Fly Rod

Fly rod "Mlava", built for an aquaintance in Serbia. It was named after the famous spring-creek in eastern Serbia, known for large, wild brown trout. The picture of the river is not very recent, since I haven't visited it for the past ten years... It shows the fairly open spring section. Further down the valley, the river becomes overgrown with trees, and its deep, emerald pools used to hold trophy browns, years ago...
Translated to English, the name Mlava would mean the Crushing River-due to the fact that after the snowmelt, it often becomes quite temperamental. It is a magical place, which holds many happy memories from my youth!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Casts and Boils

More jetty madness and more fish activity! Fish boiling, bait spraying, sometimes a vicious strike on each cast...and suddenly, everything would be quiet again. Most white bass caught were between sizes of the fish pictured. A couple of saugers were a nice bonus...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lake Pepin Jetty

We visited a nice jetty on Lake Pepin today, and fished from it for a few hours. I was hoping to run into some white bass action, and even though I found some fish, the fishing was slow... I rigged my bass rod with slow sinking "hover" head and fished with small shad imitations-jig hook clousers, and craft fur minnows.

While I was fishing, Amy took a bike ride around the park. These cool looking blue bikes are available for everyone to use for free!

I saw several boils-whites were chasing baitfish, but very sporadically. This little guy came to my fly about 30 minutes upon my arrival. It was the only white bass for the day...

These guys were more common, bumping my fly often.

Just when I was getting ready to leave, this sauger attacked the fly in the rocky shallows... a pretty little fish!

On our way back, we watched a pair of cranes in the valley. We have been observing them already earlier this spring. They have been nesting in the valley for the past six seasons. Amazing birds, indeed! I took several pictures from the car, and even though not great (they were pretty far from the road), this one turned out the best. We'll be back on the lake soon!