Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gizzard Shad

Gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepidianum) is a common forage fish. I captured this specimen in Lake Pepin while fishing for white bass. The first photo shows the natural and the Clouser Minnow, which works well enough, but doesn't imitate the silvery, compressed body quite well. Below is the picture of the anatomically correct floating gizzard shad imitation.


Jeremy said...


Wow, nice looking fly man. A PERFECT imitation if ever there was one! I couldn't let this one go by w/o a very positive comment..

I'm going to have to remember your attention to detail and craftsmanship when I try to make rods. You do set the bar high.

Nice fly Vlad. I've come to expect little less from you. Seriously.


flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks Jeremy, I am glad you like it.

I haven't visited the lake this week, but I hear it is still high. Last week it was full of shad, but unfishable/still flooded.

Jota said...

Hello Vlad.
Discover your site yesterday, it's loaded with lots of awesome ideas!!!
Do you have some step by step of your flies? I would like to tie some to try here in Portugal.
Best regards!

flyfishingunlimited said...

Hello José,

Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I don't have any s-b-s for flies on the blog. I've been planning to post some, but never got to doing it.

Your post is inspiring me to do some soon. Thanks again,