Friday, December 03, 2010

Out of the Cellar

Just got a bottle of this year's Vintage Ale by Trader Joe's. Even though guys at Unibroue do a splendid job every year with this brew, I am little disappointed with this year's vintage. Too much spice and not enough beer taste, I must say...
On the bright note, this beer ages really well, and we just finished the last bottle of 2007 a month ago. The current favorite is 2008. The 2009 was unusually spicy, but definitely not as much as the 2010. We'll see if little aging will improve the taste of this year's vintage.



wow... 2007 beers? that's really cool! Vlad
I know there is one trader joe near BU, I must check it out myself : ) thanks!

flyfishingunlimited said...


I think there is one store now at Copley Square too. Every year I put some bottles in the cellar and drink them later. Aging improves it, no doubt! ;-)


Thanks! Vlad,

Just checked out the map! Very nice...
Definitely will heading there this winter! : )

Jeremy said...

You have style Vlad...good taste in beer man!

Your name came up last night when we were out to dinner with some of Jude's friends. Val got this really good looking Martini and I told them the best one I'd had was with you and Amy a couple yrs. back! Good one!

Keep warm and dry bub. The snow's really piling up. And I love it.

And don't worry about a rest from rod making/tying when you have time off. You do enough of both anyway.

I nearly called you for a get-together for coffee the other day but I had some running to do. You and I could do that sometime after the holidays settle out. We can talk tying. I could use some of your help!

Keep warm, my friend.


flyfishingunlimited said...

Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for the post... Yesterday was almost surreal with all the snow. I was tucked on my sofa, reading a book for an entire day and Amy was home, too. It would be fun to get together soon, for coffee or anything else.

Talk soon!