Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today's Mini Slam

The closest thing to SWFF in the Upper Midwest would be lake fishing for warmwater predators. While packing for a morning of fishing, I took a photo of this little swift resting on the tree near my place.

I was on the lake jetty at 9AM today, throwing 185 grain med-sink head/Slickshooter combo with my Ultralight SW 4wt... This combo makes effortless casts even in gentle to moderate breeze.

This has been a strange year, with lots of rain. The jetty was covered with 2-3ft of water, and I had to wade out there to reach the end. I had slight hopes for white bass, but didn't find any. Instead, I landed a crappie and a nice sized sauger, even though it shook the DNA Clouser while I was fumbling with the camera in a thigh-high water. The fishing was slow!

Little later, I stopped by the nearby trout stream, to add a trout to the list of species. The water was high and murky, but I was able to land a little tiger trout on the swung leech. Ultralight SW proved to be a fun rod on a trout stream with WF4F line-a true dual purpose stick.



Very cool report! Vlad,
I am sure the swift is a very nice surprise! Cool fish too!


flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks Mark...it was a fun day! I also found some new warmwater spots that I am hoping to explore in the upcoming weeks. The bird was a surprise...I believe it was injured, since I was able to come very close to it.