Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Pink Panther


dude said...

Very Cool

flyfishingunlimited said...

I enjoy making rods from opposite sides of the spectrum. Vast majority of flyfishers take the sport too seriously, with tastes so dutifully bound to tradition.

Glad you like the rod and thanks for the comment!

benyus said...

It looks fancy for sure, but I don't understand the purpose of the articulated handle. The voids will trap dirt and the edges of cork discs going to wear off easily.
Any advantage? ;)

flyfishingunlimited said...


Historically the ventilated grip was found on deep flexing split-cane rods, and the spaced-out rings helped the angler feel the action of the rod under stress deep into the handle, without stiffening effect. There are many well used 50-60yr old rods with this kind of handle, still look pretty good and are being fished by their owners today.

This rod has a fast action, so it is a nod to the history while utilizing the high tec performance. Something like a hot rod car...combination of new and old... Most of my builds use that approach.

Also, I use this rod 99% in saltwater and wanted to see how will saltwater affect this kind of a grip. My hands get wet often and the ventilated handle does have a cooling/drying effect in the summer...the air flows throught he voids. Dirt is not an issue-all my gear gets periodic rinses after being encrusted in salt. The grip massages the hand nicely too while casting, and the addded friction lets me hold the handle with little effort...

Hope this explains it.

benyus said...

Hi Vlad,
Thank you for the explanation. I was not aware of the history of such handles, just supposed that it's another eye-catching stuff.