Saturday, January 28, 2012

Single Foot Guide Height Comparison

Left to right: AmTack size 5, Pac Bay Minima size 8, H&H Seymo size 5



Interesting! Vlad,

what style you prefer?! I like lower profile guides, it will cut thought the wind better... I also love the recoil one because I crush my guides very often...

flyfishingunlimited said...

Hi Mark!

I didn't have a REC recoil guide to add for comparison, but I also like them very much. I have to say, apart, from Seymo, all the other ones sit lower. Not sure if the height difference will complicate things in the wind, but little higher guide will certainly keep the line away from the blank and reduce the line slap. That can be a good thing. I need to double check, but REC might be making now something similar. Minimas are nice too, but I prefer them for heavier rods, 9/10wts and up.