Sunday, May 13, 2012

(Un)lucky 13th

The water was much cleaner today, and after tying a few herring patterns I was out, fishing the flooding tide. Got into several small guys, and after changing the spot, hooked into a monster fish. In spite of a stout drag and 15lb tippet, the fish went quite a bit into backing and I wasn't able to turn him. I could see a huge surface boil in a distance, and my tippet parted right in the middle. I love this time of the year. You never know what will come next!



WOW... congratulations!! Vlad,

That's amazing how thing can change just few days!! COOL!!!

flyfishingunlimited said...


I feel bad that we had lousy conditions yesterday. Today's action was at the first location we visited yesterday (but didn't fish)...It was much cleaner today. However, the front side is still dirty, but is getting better.

Looking forward to this Friday and see you then!