Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flats Fever Part II



WOW!!! What a great shot! Great fish! Vlad,
Congratulations!! The sea must treat you guys really well! : )


Anonymous said...

Love the pics. that bass, is that a shrimp fly thatis pictured below in the first series of this "post"? would a recipe be possible on that fly?

Awesome stuff,

flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks guys... Will, the fly in striper's mouth is Dave's pattern, a different fly. Here is the recipe for the shrimp pattern pictured below:

Long Legged Shrimp

Hook: TFS Jig 60 degree, size 2;
Feelers/legs: motor oil and clear sili legs, and few strands of rainbow krystal flash;
Eyes: burnt mono;
Body: Jay Fair long shuck, dk. cinnamon;
Wing: red squirrel tail;
Weight: lead or brass dumbell eyes;
Tail: wing butts left longer to form paddles, coated with Liquid Fusion.

Better pics:


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch! it looks like a pattern that will work great on speckled trout, snook, reds etc when visiting my mother in law down in FL... as well as for stripers up here.