Monday, July 16, 2012

Squidalicious Nights


Jeremy said...

Geezus Vlad, you gotta be about THE BEST tier that I know!! Seriously man, you come up with some of the finest ties 've seen.

Cool patterns. Love these squid flies. That artisan in's really inspirational! You show us much. I need to take note.

Really good to see you and your friend are getting into some dang fine fish. Those striper's look really rewarding.

Nice posts Vlad. You have the touch man.

My boat's in the garage, too darn hot as yet. Temps in the 90's or upper 80's for a month now.

C'mon Sept!!

Take care tiger. I'll keep popping in now and then. You have much to share.

Damn, you're a fine tier....


flyfishingunlimited said...

Hey old friend, are too kind :-) We were out today again, sight fishing in two very different environments: open beach flats/surf and tidal river flats. We caught some fish and witnessed some surface blitzes we did not expect there. Fun stuff!

I feel like the Fall is around the corner...the shore birds are bunching together and beaches are full of little minnows.

Take care and talk soon!