Monday, February 02, 2015

Bleached Bugs

Last week Dave Skok and myself were experimenting with bleaching various feathers and furs. Today Boston got hit by the snow storm second week in a row. It was good to have those materials ready for some snowtime trout fly tying. Here are some of the flies I tied last night and today...


Jeremy said...

Nice looking flies Vlad. You do a "really" good job at your vise and I take note!!

I'm working on trying to improve my parachutes as we speak! I get by but - it "ain't" great!

I'm filling up my dry box with some needed patterns and looking around for nicer patterns for my bugs. Davy Mac. on You Tube is an inspiration. He makes it looks so simple. I'm also doing some sunken floaters for smallies in the rocks for our fam. vacation.

Vlad, I just went back over your "driftless" pics again. Man, you make it look so good to be down there. Beautiful waters and that solitary fishing that we all love so much.

Great job. Thanks for giving me the lust again this winter.

I miss fishing with you!


flyfishingunlimited said...

Hi Jeremy,

After tomorrow's snow storm, we'll have over 80 inches of snow within 15 day period...historic amount! You bet I'm thinking about fishing right now ;-)

I really like bleached pheasant tails...they are very nice for pale mayflies of early summer. And you really can't beat "driftless" for the solitude and pure beauty. Hopefully we can fish together this summer.

Talk soon!

Lauren said...

Wow! Nice job on these flies. Sorry to hear about the snowstorm - but it gives a good time to get things like this done so you are ready for the next adventure! Thanks for sharing.

flyfishingunlimited said...

Hi Lauren, thanks for your comments.