Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tarpon Slider


Jeremy said...


Excellent ties, all 3 of your latest man!! I love your trying new styles and some experimenting. This "Slider" is really nice, I like it.

I need to tie some deer-hair divers soon for an upcoming trip to Florida in March to see Jude's cousin. They said to bring my rods for some nice bassing on the inland lakes. Damn, can't wait!!

We need to talk soon. Glass rods etc. I've been looking around and need to finish-out a Green "floppy" stick...exactly what I was searching for. In the meantime it's co$$t me some ;)) You might imagine...



flyfishingunlimited said...

Hey Jeremy,

I am just filling the boxes for the upcoming trip, not really experimenting. Going to the tropics next week! Glad to hear you're going to FL... and you should stray away from the freshwater a bit;-). You'll have a good time!

Enjoy your glass build and talk later,