Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dark Hendrickson & Grannom Emergers

The spring is here and so are the first important hatches on the Driftless area spring creeks. Here are some of the patterns I really enjoy tying and fishing...

Hendrickson Rabbit Foot Emerger
  • Hook: Curved nymph/emerger
  • Shuck: Rusty-brown antron or Z-lon
  • Body: Rusty-brown biot
  • Wing: Dun or natural rabbit foot hair
  • Thorax: Fox squirrel hair
Hendrickson Cripple
  • Hook: Dry fly or curved nymph
  • Tail: Wood duck fibers and antron
  • Body: Rusty-brown biot
  • Thorax: Mahagony beaver
  • Hackle: Dark dun
  • Wing: Natural CDC
Grannom Emerger*
  • Hook: Dry fly or curved
  • Body: Bright green biot
  • Wing: Charcoal CDC
  • Thorax: Charcoal beaver
  • Post: Orange antron
  • Hackle: Grizzly or dun (parachute)
* Tied with black or grey biot body, this fly imitates adult caddis as well.

During the last week we didn't have the greatest weather. I spent my time on several spring creeks with abundant brookies and fished mostly various wets, nymphs and Buggers. Semi-parabolic Resava SF Glass rod of my design proved to be the perfect weapon.

On some of the streams the anticipated Hendrickson hatch never materialized, and sporadic surface feeders would attack BWO emergers during the brief BWO appearance. I did notice some caddis activity, but it was spotty. The weather is finally warm and stable, so the fishing should just get better.


wbranch said...

I like your Hendrikson emeger pattern it looks a lot like my dun pattern.


flyfishingunlimited said...

Hello wbranch, that's a super looking fly. I bet it would make a great captive/stuck-in-shuck dun.

Thanks for posting,