Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Rods

I have just finished a couple of new rods.

The first one is another vintage Lamiglas (dark brown usanded blank). It is a strong, 7'6" 5 piece rod, which works best with lines 6, 7 or 8. I built this rod mostly for warmwater fishing. It is a bit too powerful for trout fishing around here.

I turned a Ritz grip, and used a Pac Bay (Powell style) metal seat, partially inleted. The short 1/2" fighting butt is made of decorative cork, as well as the first ring of the grip. For the stripper, I used the vintage agatine guide in red/orange color.

The second rod is built on McFarland Dry Fly Taper E-glass blank. It is a 7'10" #4 in a 4 piece version. The blank color is dark amber brown ("flamed cane"), with white spigots. I used the Struble D-8 seat with myrtle insert, and I turned the straight Garrison grip. The vintage agate guide has a plum stone, and I used the Snake brand snake guides on this rod. I also experimented with ferrule plugs of wood and cork I turned on my hobby lathe-they work just fine! Pictured below is the rod with Edgar Sealey Flylyte reel (by J.W. Young) from 1965.



Hi Vlad,

I am speechless!!! Stunning!

I have to say you raised the bar again... and the previous one in already superb!
I really like the first tubal handle with the handsome decoration top and butt! The second one are even cuter for it torpedo shape cork... Not even mentioned the thread and the great balanced color combination... I am Speechless... Two thumbs up! Vlad!! Keep these great pictures coming : P Superb work


flyfishingunlimited said...


Thanks again for your kind words!

Take care,