Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stream in the Valley

The valley is silent in the summer heat-only birds, water and fish.

The stream is slightly high and discolored after the summer rains.

It never disappoints-fish are ready to play even in the mid July noon!

Recent bank stabilization...this spot needed it.

Wild browns are the prize for the patient fisher.



Hey vlad,

That's is a V- loop! : ) Nice cast! looks like a great summer outing! "hit and go" stramer fish is a fun game here too!

flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks Mark...part of the fun fishing with graphite vs. glass is very easy high line speed and pointy loops. With slower (or should I say less efficient) glass rods, I would often underline so that the low powered blank can create better speed and deflect less during the cast. Of course, glass has its charms...and each has its place.

I haven't fished this stream in a while, and I was happy to find it in a good shape. I will probably visit it again in the fall.