Sunday, April 04, 2010

Casting Fun

Lake water was still too cold and high, but I had alot of fun casting the bass rod from the wooden dock. Waves and wind made my casting platform oscillate and shake wildly! I was throwing Crystal Schminnows and small Jig-hook Clousers, without much happening. With nice temperatures we've been having, it shouldn't take much longer... On a side note, trout fishing has been good-I had some nice action on both dries and nymphs a couple of days ago on a local spring creek.



Hey Vlad,

Looks like a great fun in a wonderful day! I love practice casting too! The winter here is long gone and I am back to the regular lawn cast also... looking forward to read the fishing report! : )

flyfishingunlimited said...


Two days ago it was unbelievably warm (t-shirt weather, really) and I visited the nearest spring creek for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Got four browns and missed several more (one on a dry fly, the rest on nymphs.) However, I decided not to take the camera, so no pictures, unfortunately :-(.